Тема:  Questions about account
Forgot or lost the PIN or password

After the registration process you will see the e-mail, password and PIN code (five digits)which is necessary confirmation of changes in some of your personal data, write them down immediately, as for security purposes we do not send emails your personal registration information.
It is recommended to change the password and remember (note) PIN code.

If you forgot (lost) password and / or PIN - code, go to the following link: http://www.seosprint.net/recover.php
1.(Я забыл пароль) Forgot your password - Use in the case of a lost password, but remember your PIN - code. In the first section need to enter your e-mail, the second section enter you PIN - code and press the button "Запросить пароль".

2.(Я забыл PIN-код) Forgot the PIN - code - Use in the case of a lost PIN - code, but you remember the password. In the first section need to enter your e-mail,in the second section enter the password and press the button "Запросить PIN-код".

3.(Мама! Я забыл всё!) Forgot the password and PIN - code - In the first column enter your e-mail, the second column enter the mobile phone number and press the button "Запросить данные". you will receive an SMS with a code . This service is not free and it is worth 1RUB . If you not receive SMS with a code, contact to the technical support department

How to delete account?

Account will be deleted only if you no login account on the project within 60 days.
after 60 days within 10 days you can recovery account through technical support http://www.seosprint.net/support-newmail.php
Account delete of all other road projects is a violation of the rules.
All accounts were deleted after bans,placed on the black list and re-registration is not allowed.

How to change the Status of "Прохожий" from " Рабочий " ?

go to following link http://www.seosprint.net/profile.php
to activate the status of "Рабочий".you must enter
Номер мобильного телефона
Мой род деятельности
Моё семейное положение
Мой пол
Мой год рождения

After entering your mobile phone number in the specified field, you will receive an SMS with a code, that must enter this code a special section . After that, your phone number will be verified.Verification of mobile number is free. If you for some reason can not produce activation of cell phone numbers automatically, you can send an SMS to +380634113498, text messages enter your Account ID and we will make manual activation.
SMS price according to the tariff of your operator.
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