Тема:  Forum rules
1. General

1.1.Forum SEO master - SEO sprint and VIP promotion projects are part of users' information support. All materials and messages posted in forums reflect only the opinions of their authors.Administration does not provide any guarantee that the materials and messages is full, useful and true
1.2. Community forums restricted by legislation of Ukraine, Russia and these rules. Official form of address to the Forum - "you."
1.3. The official language spoken in the forums - Russian, except for those parts that are specifically designed for other language groups.
1.4. General Discussion (except for the "Communication") are designed to discuss and resolve issues related solely to the work projects and SEO sprint VIP promotion.
1.5.At the forum applied post-moderation. Posts that violate these rules will be deleted.If your posts have been deleted, do not you think it was a technical error, and do not post the same message again!
1.6. Posts and topics that have lost relevance, removed by the Administration (as required)
1.7. These rules may be amended or supplemented by the Administration of the project. Regularly reviewing these terms - the duty of the user. Remember that ignorance of the law is no excuse for their failure

2.Rules of conduct in our forum

2.1.Before opening a new topic is recommended to help the search engine to check whether there is already a similar topic
2.2.Create a new topic, make sure that you put it in the appropriate section of subjects.Otherwise, the topic will be deleted by moderator.
2.3.If you do not know which department to open a thread, place it in the section "Беседка
2.4.Topic title should be informative. "Help me," "I have a question," "What I do?"
2.5.Topic name should reflect the essence of the issue brief. When you create a header, try to keep within the limit of characters.
2.6.Forbidden topic title and message writing in large letters (Caps Lock).
2.7.Should write their messages based on respect for the other forum members. A considerable part of the conflicts caused by misreading, misunderstanding, ignorance of the topic. In any case, do not need to respond to rudeness rudeness. Violators will be engaged in the Rules Forum moderators.

3.Restrictions, prohibitions and penalties

3.1. The following actions of users on the forum is prohibited and punished by ban without prior notice:

3.1.1. The use of nicknames (logins), containing the addresses of sites, profanity, violating the norms of decency and morality.
3.1.2. Prohibited avatars that contain advertising, pornography, erotica, images of violence.
3.1.3. prohibited the use of avatars incorporating State emblems and symbols
3.1.6. Proscribe incitement of racial and ethnic conflicts.
3.1.7. Prohibited the registration and use of multiple accounts at the Forum.

The following actions are prohibited on the forum users and numerous recurrence can be punished by ban

3.2.1.A large number of grammatical errors, excessive use of slang
3.2.2.Excessive use of emoticons and empty (do not carry the meaning) of the message.
3.2.3.Derogatory remarks or hints to the project users or third parties, including (but not exclusively) associated with racial, ethnic or religious affiliation.
3.2.4.Posts provoking other users to acts prohibited by these regulations, placing provocative messages to cause conflicts between users
3.2.5.Inappropriate posts on the forums section
3.2.6.Public discussion of the actions of Arbitrators and the project consultant, forum moderators and Administration providing comments, editing posts, or closing / removal order.
3.2.7. Attempts to continue the discussion, moderated Suppression by starting a new topic, are regarded as a violation of paragraph 3.2.6 and appropriately repressed. If you want to appeal the actions of the Administration, use the ticketing system of technical support system or personal messages.
3.2.8.Creation of identical threads in different sections or posting of similar messages in different threads (spam)

4. Signature in messages

4.1. In that case, if users use available signatures in messages not be placed in signatures links to other resources, links to social networks, text advertising, billing information, requests for donations. Violators are punishable by ban
4.2. Allowed to insert a signature in your personal contact information: phone, Skype, ICQ, etc. However, the consequences of such actions (SPAM on published data and other misuse of personal data) rests solely with the author signature.

4.3. The severity of punishment in case of violation of the rules, forum moderators is determined by the duration of the ban!
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